In December 2009, our family traveled up to Blountsville, Alabama to visit my cousin Jami and her family. It was bitttterly cold but equally as beautiful.

Landyn, Jaylyn, Tucker, Jakob and Jana on a rickety little bridge that looked unsafe to drive over!

Tucker got to shoot skeet for the first time. It was so unbelievably cold we could hardly breathe!

The whole gang by the Cullman waterfall

"Sophistication. It isn't just for grown-ups." James Brooks

Graffiti was everywhere. Very disappointing...

"And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb." Revelations 22:1

My little Florida kids bout froze their patooties off!!

The end



Screenshot of a text from my girl!!


My Yorkie LOVES my lab! She thinks he is her daddy!

Solar System Project

And this is why I love homeschooling! Getting to do fun projects that my kids can't wait to get out of bed for! Getting to do this shirtless and in our jammies is just a bonus! We have been studying the Solar System for about a month now and decided to make one of our own!

First the "planets" had to be painted...

Then, gluing the yarn down for the "orbits". This was the most time-consuming part!

The "planets" had to be glued on the orbits next.

Admiring his work half-way through....

A steady hand was needed!

Finished product!

So proud!

Drawing and explanation of the solar and lunar eclipses.

Happiness is an Organized Craft Closet!


It Ain't East Being Cheesy!

My orange boy "Cheddar".


Happy Fall Ya'll!

Here are some fall decor that I have sprinkled throughout our home. I can't figure out why I am so into fall this year? I have always loved it, as most of us do. But, this year is it such a welcomed season. I am on a venture to find an heirloom Cinderella Pumpkin. (See the pictures in my header...) But, in Florida, not sure if that is a possibility. In the meantime, I will make do and be happy with what I've got! Here are a few photos...

My little raffia pumpkins! I love everything in groups of three...

My daughter insisted we decorate our front porch. This was all I could muster up since it was 95 degrees when we did this! I almost passed out potting the mums!

These two little pumpkins are my favs because I got them at CVS for $3 and $4! Who knew CVS had such cute fall decor??

Found this little planter (?) at a thrift store for $7. Threw a couple of pumpkins in and voilĂ ! Instant fall decor!

Love my oversized acorns!

Foam (yes foam!) corn tied in raffia hangs from my grandmother's china cabinet...

Simple and understated. The frame is simply propped up around a hanging wreath of cranberries.

Close up of the cranberry wreath...

Ceramic Cinderella Pumpkins.

Beaded straw in a tin on my island.

Sidebar in my dinning room.

My daughter found just the thing to top off our "fall pumpkin evergreen" that she wrapped with orange lights.

Gourds resting on my sidebar...

This medium-sized pumpkin gets a place of honor on a Southern Living pedestal.

Fall basket. Bought pre-made at Sam's club for $25!! Success!

Pumpkin-full-o-mums on our breakfast table.

Little whitey!

Indian corn and potpourri in metal baskets.

A fiber optic scarecrow. Really cute at night!

My daughter Landyn made this last year to decorate for fall! Mr. Scarecrow made it to our "family command center" again this year!

Landyn's bathroom got a hanging scarecrow too!

Seems to be a scarecrow theme!

Hung big orange light-up lanterns on the edge of our lanai. Throws just the right glow when we sit poolside at night.

Did I mention how much I love pumpkins? These sit on top of a bookcase in our living room.

This is "Scarecrow Tucker" and "Scarecrow Landyn". THAT is why I bought them...they looked like brother and sister!